Changing the Narrative – Reporting on Violence Against Women post #MeToo

The #MeToo movement sparked a global conversation around how survivors and their stories are represented and discussed. It provided a platform of empowerment for individuals from different areas of life to share experiences, find solidarity and it called for the de-stigmatisation of surviving.

As the global conversation around these issues continues to be reframed, journalism has a key role to play. The media portrayal of violence against women and girls has a critical impact on survivors, their loved ones and public perceptions at large.

This event – which is run as a partnership between Welsh Women’s Aid, the BBC and NUJ Training Wales – will explore reporting about violence against women and girls, discussing responsible, empathetic journalism, what works and what doesn’t in a post #MeToo society. We are thrilled to be joined by some brilliant journalists including Jo Healey (BBC News) and Micha Frazer-Carroll (gal-dem magazine), who will speak about their work in this fast-changing area, as well as survivors sharing their personal experiences of the media.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to network with experts, professionals and survivors.

The portrayal of women who have been through abuse in the media can have an empowering or a devastating effect and the difference is subtle. – Survivor

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Event location

Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom.