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Violence against women is everyone’s business, make a pledge to stand with survivors today.


Three quarters of women who experience domestic abuse and violence are targeted at work – from harassing phone calls and abusive partners arriving at the workplace unannounced, to physical and sexual violence.

Research has shown that:

  • 21% of employed women take time off work because of domestic violence.
  • 53% of abused workers (of all gender identities) miss at least 3 days from work per month.
  • 1 in 3 women experience some form of violence and abuse.
  • 2 women are killed every week on average in England and Wales.


What is an Organisational Supporter?

If you are an organisation, branch, or department in the third, public, or private sector that has taken the extra step to support and endorse Welsh Women’s Aid’ life saving work, you can become an Organisational Supporter. As an organisational supporter, you pledge to stand with survivors and in return, we give you the appropriate resources, support, and guidance to effectively achieve your pledge.

As an Organisational Supporter you will receive:

  • Access to information and resources to share with your staff to both raise awareness of violence against women, domestic abuse, and sexual violence, and to ensure they know where to seek support should they need it
  • A free half-day training session for up to 15 people
  • Free access to selected webinars, training, and events
  • 20% discount on all further training
  • Support to develop your own workplace policy
  • A subscription to our member newsletter with opportunities to feature the work of your organisation
  • Fundraising support
  • Use of our Organisational Supporter mark to proudly display
  • An opportunity to become our Organisational Supporter of the year

Organisational Supporter fees

Organisational Supporter fees are renewable on an annual basis. Your membership will start from the 1st of the current month if signing up before the 15th or the 1st of the next month if signing up on or after the 15th.

Included in the costs below is a brand license fee of £10. (T&C’s to found in the privacy notice)

Band A: Annual income up to £100,000 £100
Band B: Annual income between £100,000 and £250,000 £250
Band C: Annual income between £250,000 and £400,000 £400
Band D: Annual income between £400,000 and £650,000 £550
Band E: Annual income between £650,000  and £1 million £700
Band F: Annual income over £1 million £850

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About Us

Our Approach

Welsh Women’s Aid is the national charity in Wales working to end domestic abuse and all forms of violence against women. We campaign for and provide advice, support, and training on policy and service improvements for survivors, families, and communities. Our federation of specialist organisations provide lifesaving and preventative services to survivors of abuse. We deliver the Live Fear Free Helpline, funded by Welsh Government, and a National Training Service. The voice of the survivor is central to all we do.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world in which women and children live free from abuse, sexual violence, and all forms of violence against women and by doing so achieve independence, freedom, and liberation from oppression.

We aim to ensure:

  • Violence against women, domestic abuse, and sexual violence is better understood, challenged, and prevented.
  • Women and children have healthy, safe, and equal relationships.
  • Specialist services are strengthened and supported to effectively meet diverse needs and reduce the harmful effects of violence.
  • Survivors can access early support which builds on their strengths, meets needs, and improves their health and wellbeing.
  • The state, agencies, and communities deliver more effective responses to violence against women, domestic abuse, and sexual violence.
  • Governments, agencies, and communities are held accountable for delivering action for change by women and children.

Statement of Support

Welsh Women’s Aid is a feminist organisation, and our values are founded on commitments to human rights, anti-discrimination, and freedom from oppression.

Our approach is founded on the following values:

We are feminist and value diversity of lived experiences – we amplify diverse voices, recognising that different identities and life experiences impact on individuals’ experiences of abuse, as well as access to support, safety and justice.

We advocate ending male violence against women and girls we recognise and challenge the multiple oppressions of sexism, racism, classism, homophobia, ageism, ableism, transphobia that stand in the way of achieving social justice.

We promote integrity – we are accountable, and place survivors’ voices and their lived experiences at the centre of our work. We encourage respect, transparency and learning from experience, we challenge misuse of power and promote social responsibility in all we do.

We collaborate – we work with survivors, specialist services, other organisations, individuals and communities, to capacity-build services and to evidence and deliver what works in preventing all forms of violence against women and girls.

We empower – we advocate a rights-based approach so that all women and children can achieve their full potential, and we promote services led by and for women/minoritised groups as being vital to meeting needs and to achieving social, economic and political liberation from patriarchy, racism, and other oppressions.

We transform – we are committed to challenging inequalities and discrimination, to combining high-quality services with activism for social change, and building a movement that ends violence against women and girls and liberates women and girls from multiple and intersecting oppressions to benefit everyone.

To achieve our vision, we focus on:

  1. Preventing violence against women, domestic abuse, and sexual violence from happening in the first place.
  2. Ensuring provision of quality services for survivors that build on strengths, meet needs, and reduce the harmful effects of abuse over time.
  3. Creating effective partnerships with survivors, specialist services, and others to strengthen our movement to achieve change that lasts.

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