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No-one should face domestic abuse or any other form of violence. It needs to stop.

Women across Wales have experienced more incidences of all forms of violence and abuse because of COVID-19 and the current cost of living crisis.  This has created a huge challenge for survivors, and for all those working to support them.

With your help, we can continue to prevent this abuse and stand up for the thousands of survivors across Wales.

You can support us in a way that suits you – from making a donation, setting up a regular gift to Welsh Women’s Aid, creating your own fundraising event, taking part in our campaigns throughout the year, or donating key items to share with our member services; every contribution goes towards rebuilding women’s lives.

If you’d like to support our work and want discuss your ideas, big or small, our fundraising team would love to hear from you. Please contact [email protected].

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Thank you for your support.