Cheques and Balances 2: Commissioning VAWDASV services

We are excited to invite you to our seminar that will explore challenges and promising practice when commissioning VAWDASV services.

In May 2019, the Welsh Government published its statutory guidance for the commissioning of VAWDASV services in Wales with the aim of promoting high quality collaborative commissioning that delivers more consistent and effective services to prevent VAWDASV and protect and support victims of VAWDASV across Wales

Our seminar will explore how the guidance will inform commissioning practice in Wales and we will focus on challenges and promising practice with regards to commissioning services for survivors as well as perpetrators; commissioning services in rural Wales and services for children and young people and much more. You will hear from commissioners, specialist service providers and experts in the field. This is a follow up seminar to our Cheques and Balances Seminar that we held in June 2019. The report from the seminar can be found here.

This event is aimed at commissioners, specialist service providers and others with an interest in commissioning. Booking details and a full agenda of the day will be announced shortly.

Click here for the Eventbrite link.