Time’s Up Dialogue Session, 6th December 2018

Welsh Women’s Aid invites you to our ‘Time’s Up dialogue session’ on Thursday 6th December, a session where we are bringing activists and industry professionals together to discuss how we can create real, and lasting change in Wales.

This dialogue session will be an exciting opportunity to challenge attitudes to sexual harassment, to call out the culture of impunity surrounding harassment and abuse, and work with us to develop and coordinate action to end sexual harassment and abuse.

We will look at commitments to robust work place polices, clear procedures of accountability, effective training and promotion of gender equality.

The dialogue session will consist of two exciting panels, both of which will be Chaired by Welsh Women’s Aid Public Affairs Manager, Gwendolyn Sterk.

Keynote Speaker

  • Leanne Wood AM

The Activists

  • Chisomo Phiri, NUS Wales Women’s Officer
  • Jess Blair, Director of Electoral Reform Society Cymru
  • Ginger Wiegand, All Wales Policy & Research Lead, EYST

Industry Leads

  • Shavanah Taj, Wales Secretary, Public and Commercial Services Union
  • Lynne Hackett, Unison
  • Mwenya Chimba, Head of Training, Welsh Women’s Aid

This is going to be a small, intimate event allowing everybody to have the opportunity to share their thoughts, views and ideas to make Wales a nation where women live free from harassment, and have the opportunity to thrive in a safe and equal society.

Book your tickets here before spaces run out!

#TimesUp #WalesWontStandBy