Our Impact 2021-22

How we're creating change that lasts

Why do we exist?

Image of text: Violence against women is not inevitable.

Welsh Women’s Aid exists because a world without violence against women, domestic abuse, and sexual violence (VAWDASV) is possible and it will take collective effort to achieve it.

Our work is about joining the dots between survivors, support services, communities, institutions, and governments.

We are an intersectional feminist organisation. Our vision, mission, and values are founded on commitments to human rights, anti-discrimination, and freedom from oppression.

Illustration of women standing in front of a microphone with graphics representing media, news, and photography around her.

We are part of an international movement and a UK federation of four sister organisations, but we are independent, autonomous, and Wales-focused.

The fight to end VAWDASV in Wales is unique, because its political levers involve both devolved and non-devolved powers.

We exist to ensure that survivors and specialist services in Wales have a voice at all levels of government.

Illustration showing the outline of Wales filled with diverse women's faces.

We are truly an all-Wales organisation. Our 19 member organisations and our Live Fear Free helpline give direct support, information, and advice to VAWDASV survivors.

We exist to ensure that survivors across Wales get the right support when they need it.

We work to ensure that every one of our member organisations has equal access to resources and funding, and equal opportunity to influence the policies that affect their work.

What do we do?

Our work in Wales began more than forty years ago. Our current strategy, ‘Still We Rise,’ builds on the knowledge developed over those decades.

We could never have anticipated that year 2 of this strategy would also be year 1 of a pandemic.

We have had to adjust in many ways, but our goals and ‘theory of change’ remain the same: prevent abuse, provide services, and work in partnership with survivors, specialist services, and other organisations.

Our strategic goals

What's next?

Illustration of a woman standing next to a river and looking into the distance. A storm cloud with lightning is above her, but rays of sunshine are ahead.

As the spectre of pandemic fades in the rear view, so the a cost of living and financial crisis looms ahead.

The commitment in our five-year strategy remains firm: violence against women is neither inevitable nor unchangeable, but change is needed, change that lasts.

As we look to the year ahead, we will continue to build a wider movement of individuals and organisations committed to ending VAWDASV. 

Illustration of a group of women around a table having a discussion.

While helping VAWDASV services and survivors weather the storm, we will also strengthen community connections:

  • Expanding our Organisational Supporter Scheme, forging more relationships with like-minded organisations large and small.
  • Widening our Survivor Network, bringing more diverse voices into our policy and advocacy work.
  • Growing the Ask Me community, increasing its reach by improving its accessibility and inclusivity.