Day 5: Welsh Women’s Aid, A Day in the Life (Meg Kissack, Events & Campaigns Officer)

Welsh Women’s Aid: A Day in the Life
Campaign and Events Officer
Meg Kissack

As Campaign and Events Officer for Welsh Women’s Aid, my role involves planning our campaigns (such as the 16 days of Action to End Violence Against Women), coordinating events and encouraging people to support our work. November is an especially busy time of the year for me as it also involves planning our annual conference and activities for One Billion Rising and International Women’s Day.

My day usually starts with a scan of the news and social media to see the latest news relating to violence against women and girls. It’s imperative that, as a national organisation, we keep up to date and add our voice to current affairs and debate.

After scanning the news, it’s time to respond to the large number of messages and calls, such as contact from a supporter who would like to do a sponsored activity for us, and a bank inquiring about what they could do for us for their Make a Difference day. I am working with the Violence Against Women Action Group, which is a partnership of several different agencies across Wales. As part of another campaign, I am also looking into how services for children and young people affected by domestic abuse are funded across Wales.

An important part of my work is to support our local services to raise their profile, I offer support and advice on their social media presence and campaigning. I love the variety of work involved in my role, and enjoy visiting our members and seeing the fantastic work they’re doing on the ground. I always leave feeling really inspired and it really reminds me of just how important the work we do is. The 16 Days of Action to End Violence Against Women is such an important campaign, as it really harnesses support and voices across Wales. It is great to see such a wave of support for tackling violence against women with events planned in every corner of the UK.