Day 6: Welsh Women’s Aid, A Day in the Life (Sally Hughes, Engagment & Participation Officer)

Welsh Women’s Aid: A Day in the Life
Engagement and Participation Officer
Sally Hughes

My role aims to increase participation opportunities for women and children and young people to take part in policy-making or government decision-making, service planning delivery and awareness raising. The goal is to ensure that women, children and young people who have least access and impact on decision making, are able to express their views and influence decisions.

I usually have a clear idea of what the day has in store, but at Welsh Women’s Aid flexibility is essential, as things pop up, sometimes the day brings unexpected deadlines or delights. At the moment I’m planning an exciting programme of activities and events over the coming months that will stimulate and encourage people who have experience of, or interest in domestic abuse to get involved and get their voices heard. I’m currently also working with women who have emailed stories for the 16 Days eBook.

After writing some reports for funders, putting the finishing touches to consultation events that we have organised, I then move on to finalising arrangements for printing Christmas cards designed by children using our services.

For me, the 16 Days of Action is a perfect opportunity for us to shine a light on the experiences of women and girls, I truly believe that through sharing experiences we can make change. By raising awareness of the impact of domestic abuse and violence against women and girls on people’s lives, through sharing ‘real life’ experiences, we can shift things, shaking up the status quo and making small steps towards much needed cultural change. It’s because I feel this is possible, and because I believe that even the tiniest steps are a step closer, that I love my job so much and love coming to work every day.