Forty Voices, Forty Years Touring Exhibition Dates 2018-2019

Over the course of the year, you may have heard Welsh Women’s Aid and the George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling talking about a project called Forty Voices, Forty Years.

Forty Voices, Forty Years is a heritage project led by Welsh Women’s Aid in collaboration with the George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling at the University of South Wales.

We recognise that women’s memories, voices and lives are written out of national heritage

Because of this, our Project Associate has been visiting women across Wales who have been involved in the Women’s Aid movement over the past 40 years, recording their fascinating stories.

Alongside preserving these stories, we have also been collected objects from people and organisations who have been involved in the movement. Objects include protest banners, handmade posters and t-shirts, leaflets from past years and more!

The stories and collected materials are being showcased in the Forty Voices, Forty Years touring exhibition and preserved on an online gallery hosted by the People’s Collection Wales.

Have you seen the exhibition?

If you have visited the exhibition in one of the venues across Wales, we would love to know your thoughts:

  • Did the exhibition increase your knowledge of the heritage of the Welsh Women’s Aid movement?
  • Increase your understanding of the issues surrounding violence against women?
  • Did the exhibition change or challenge your views? Please tell us how.
  • How might you use what you have learned from the exhibition?
  • Did you find the information within this exhibition accessible and interesting?

Share your views on social media with the hashtag #40Voices40Years