Chopsy Women Change Lives Campaign


“She’s so chopsy…”.

In Welsh communities describing women as ‘chopsy’ has always been negative, used to call out those who were ‘unladylike’, outspoken and unapologetic.

Welsh Women’s Aid is proud to be chopsy. It’s a privilege that many women don’t have, so we raise our collective voice for all those affected by the pandemic that is violence against women.

Being chopsy is how we get things done. It is how we change lives.

We will shout about the 1 in 3 women who will experience violence in their lifetime until we can all live fear free.

Read our Wales Arts Review article about the use of the term ‘chopsy’ and the basis of our campaign here.

Be active in your activism.  Be chopsy. Support Welsh Women’s Aid.

Our work and campaigns have influenced law and policy, improved family court processes, created educational tools and guidance for schools, provided vital tools and information to communities and professionals, and so much more.

We pledge to continue being chopsy, making sure that:

  • Those with the power to make change, listen.
  • Our actions are always led by survivors’ voices and experiences.
  • We do the research to understand the changing landscape.
  • We can campaign to create public awareness of the issues affecting our communities.


With your help, we will keep ‘chopsing’ until everyone is safe.