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Port Talbot and Afan Women’s Aid: Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) Project

Port Talbot and Afan Women’s Aid (PTAWA) has been providing the Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) project since October 2015. It is a unique project that uses VIG to help mothers with infants (under the age of two) who have been affected by domestic abuse.

This involves filming an interaction between mother and child, and then editing the footage to highlight three positive moments. This is then watched back with the mother and discussed in depth. The VIG Project improves communication between mother and child, which can help with attachment and bonding.

Recognising that the relationship between mother and child may have been affected by domestic abuse, VIG focuses on the positives and recognises what parents are already doing well, in order to encourage that behaviour to be repeated. The service is offered at a key time of childhood between zero to two years, minimising any long-term effects that domestic abuse can have on later childhood.

Testimonials from clients about the success of VIG include:

  • “It feels special to watch back, and watch your bond.”
  •  “Gives you confidence.”
  • “Watching the video makes you more aware.”PTAWA is working towards the Welsh Women’s Aid National Quality Service Standards. The VIG project is evidence towards the standard that shows: ‘Support is provided to survivors to develop their parenting resources and maintain and strengthen their relationships with their children’.

The VIG project accepts referrals from all professionals, as well as self-referrals. For more information contact Angharad on [email protected] or 01639 894864.