Statement on the Withdrawal of Charges Against Ryan Giggs

Welsh Women’s Aid are extremely disappointed by the decision from the Crown Prosecution Service not to pursue a re-trial to prosecute Ryan Giggs’ for coercive and controlling behaviour and charges of domestic abuse and assault.

Women are consistently let down by the legal system, with the latest data from the CPS revealing that only 3.3% of suspects of domestic abuse being charged. Survivors of domestic abuse face an average 224 days wait in Wales for their case to reach court and cases are even dropped without the survivor even being informed.

All forms of domestic abuse and violence need to be taken seriously by all tiers of the criminal justice system. Survivors face re-traumatisation when reporting, preparing for the case and during and after the trial.

Coercive control is intended to exert power or control over a survivor. These behaviours deprive survivors of their independence and can make them feel isolated or scared. This can have a serious impact on a survivor’s day-to-day life and wellbeing. This can make it particularly difficult to go through the criminal justice process. We respect any decision that the survivor feels is best for themselves in these situations.

Anyone experiencing violence against women, domestic abuse or sexual violence, or abuse, or those concerned about somebody at risk – support is available to you now. Live Fear Free is a confidential and independent helpline that can provide advice and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 0808 80 10 800 / text  07860077333  / email [email protected]