Welsh Women’s Aid Statement on recent comments by UK Government Ministers

Welsh Women’s Aid is an intersectional feminist organisation working to eliminate violence against women and girls, domestic abuse, and sexual violence. Our vision is a world in which all individuals live free from all forms of violence, abuse, and oppression.  

The recent comments by the Prime minister, Home Secretary and other prominent UK Government Ministers contribute to an ongoing violent rhetoric that is both homophobic and transphobic and actively encourages a culture war in which those that already experience oppression and violence are targeted further. Their words have influence and will have a real impact on the safety of these communities. 

We recognise that sexism and misogyny intersect with racism, transphobia, homophobia, and ableism to further complicate systems of oppression. Violence and abuse can never be truly eliminated where any still thrive. 

Welsh Women’s Aid recognises the global and national evidence that perpetrators of violence towards women and men are, in a high proportion of cases, men, and that violence against women and non-binary people is both a cause and consequence of inequality.  

Victimisation and perpetration of such abuse reflects and reproduces an oppressive patriarchal order and is a fundamental barrier to achieving an equal and equitable society.  

This is not the time to stand back and be silent. We stand with all women and all victims and survivors of violence. We are inclusionary and when we discuss ending violence against women, we inherently include transwomen.