Welsh Women’s Aid statement on the conflict in Gaza

Welsh Women’s Aid condemns the disproportionate and ongoing violence carried out against innocent civilians in Gaza. We also condemn the Hamas attacks on innocent civilians on 7th October. A humanitarian ceasefire is urgently needed to put an end to the killings, the violence and the suffering.

Women and girls often face many forms of violence as a tactic of war. According to the United Nations, 16,000 of those killed are women and children[1].

A humanitarian crisis is facing the people of Gaza. The bombardment of Gaza has left countless civilians without life-sustaining resources like clean water, food and vital healthcare. Many women are giving birth without the necessary medical equipment and support, leaving them at risk of illness and death[2]. Nearly 1 million women and girls have been displaced from their homes[3] leaving them vulnerable without safety or refuge.

We are calling for an immediate release of all hostages, a ceasefire and a genuine commitment to a lasting solution.

We urge all leaders from all sides, to recognise the human cost of war across the globe and commit themselves to using their power to build not break our shared home.


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