16 Days for Wales to Speak Out to Condemn Violence Against Women

Welsh Women’s Aid is marking the International Day to End Violence Against Women [November 25th] and following 16 Days of Action to Human Rights Day,  [December 10th], with a number of local events across Wales including our annual joint ‘Light a Candle’ event in Llandaff Cathedral and ‘Walk a Mile in Her Shoes’ to mark the ’16 Days’ campaign.
25 November: Light a Candle

10.50am, Llandaff Cathedral: Welsh Women’s Aid in partnership with Bawso and other local organisations will hold the annual Light a Candle event. This multi-faith service will highlight the shocking prevalence of domestic abuse and violence against women in Wales, and encourage people to discuss this difficult subject and work together to find a way forward. Speakers will include the Minister for Public Services, Leighton Andrews AM, who will be joined by survivors of abuse to talk about their experiences, and representatives of major world religions will read prayers about non-violence.
25 November – 10 December: #16Days
Survivors tell their stories

Welsh Women’s Aid has produced an e-book of survivor stories. One story will be released for each of the 16 Days via social media and the Welsh Women’s Aid website. Through telling their stories, the women aim to bring hope and empower others to make changes in their own lives, and raise awareness of violence against women and girls.
A Day in the Life of Blog Posts

As part of the 16 Days, 16 staff members will provide an insight into a typical day in their life, providing a behind-the-scenes look at Wales’ lead domestic abuse organisation. A different staff post will be shared across social media and on our website on each of the 16 Days.

Welsh politicians speak out

Welsh Women’s Aid asked Assembly Members and Ministers to have photos taken with a sign showing what actions they have taken to work to eliminate violence against women and girls. Welsh Women’s Aid will be promoting one photo each of the 16 Days via social media.

Social Media

During the 16 Days, Welsh Women’s Aid will be using #16Days hashtag to raise awareness. The All Wales Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Helpline will also be tweeting one myth and one fact about violence against women every day to challenge public perceptions of violence against women.
6th December: Walk a Mile in Her Shoes®

1.30pm, Unite foyer – Welsh Women’s Aid is asking men,  women and their families from all over Wales to join us for this one mile walk to get people talking about male violence against women, help them understand women’s experiences, and  recognise the role they have to play in ending violence against women. The walk will conclude at Porter’s Bar and will include a speech by Torchwood star Gareth David-Lloyd.
Eleri Butler, Chief Executive of Welsh Women’s Aid, said:

“Our 16 Days campaign, which coincides with global awareness events, aims to get people talking about the extent of violence against women that as a society we tolerate every day, highlight the desperate need for the life-saving services delivered across Wales by our member services, and how we should all be part of the solution to end violence against women in all its forms. In doing so, we must prioritise listening to survivors so that we can improve understanding of their circumstances and how to best meet their needs.”

“Violence against women does not just affect women. It affects those who care about them, their families, their friends, their co-workers and their communities. We need to educate children from a young age that violence is not acceptable, which is why we are calling for compulsory education on developing healthy relationships in our schools. We also need the help of local communities to support local services and to speak out against the violence and abuse in their midst. One woman killed every 2.5 days in the UK through suspected male violence is the price we pay for not taking violence against women seriously”.