Welsh Women’s Aid: A Day in the Life (Head of Services, Liz Armitti)

Welsh Women’s Aid: A Day in the Life
Welsh Women’s Aid’s Head Of Services
By Liz Armitti

As Head of Services my role includes management of the Children Matter project, the All Wales Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Helpline and our accredited training programme. This typically involves a range of activities including auditing, review of service delivery and structures, drafting strategic papers, developing operational plans, setting targets and monitoring progress. I also work collaboratively with members and partners to develop and deliver training and workshops, and oversee and proof read course development materials, processes and systems.

I usually check my emails throughout the day as generally a member of one of my teams will have something pressing that requires direction or a decision from me. Today, I’ve just completed a business document and will be dealing with student’s accreditation certificates this afternoon, and have a small training contract with pricing to complete. However, I’ve just seen an email that requires an immediate response… this is how it goes. What is really satisfying and motivating is knowing that the work we do plays a part in keeping people safe, and through education and training we also contribute to increasing the capacity of others to prevent harm and increase safety. This is why the 16 Days Campaign is so important. It reminds us that violence against women and girls is still a global concern that unites us and brings us together to raise awareness, voice our experiences and our concerns.