Welsh Women’s Aid concerns for the Domestic Abuse Bill with the imminent suspension of Parliament

Welsh Women’s Aid is significantly concerned that Domestic Abuse Bill could be thrown out due to the sudden shutdown of parliament. The bill has already been significantly delayed, finally being published earlier this year, 18 months after it was first promised by Westminster Government. Survivors have been waiting too long for this piece of legislation that could offer them much needed legal protections and support.

As the national federation in Wales, we have carried out significant work with survivors and specialist services across Wales to inform the bills development so far. The UK government owe it to all survivors of domestic abuse and other forms of violence against women to guarantee that the Domestic Abuse Bill will be taken forward on the return of parliament.

We will continue to advocate our vision for a more bold and ambitious approach so that we can end domestic abuse, sexual violence and all forms of violence against women, for good.