Day 14: Welsh Women’s Aid, A Day in the Life (Independent Domestic Violence Advisor)

Welsh Women’s Aid, A Day in the Life

Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA)

I work as an Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA) supporting women and men who are at high risk of domestic violence.  IDVA work closely with a range of agencies including the police, children and adult services, legal services and criminal justice agencies in order to assess, monitor and manage risks to victims.

My first job of the day is checking emails and phone messages including updates on any incidents that may have occurred overnight.  This morning I received information on an incident the police were called to last night involving a previous victim that I have had contact with but has always been reluctant to engage.  The incident resulted in the client receiving a significant injury.  Police served a Domestic Violence Protection Notice on the perpetrator.   Magistrates later served a domestic Violence Protection Order on the perpetrator in order for agencies to attempt contact and engage the victim in support.  Time was spent discussing the incident with a Police Domestic Abuse Officer and planning a safe method of contact with victim.  Agencies involved with the couple were also updated in an effort to address the seriousness of the incident and engage the victim in support.

This afternoon I represented Women’s Aid at a launch organised by the Community Safety Partnership encouraging people to think about their personal safety when they are out in the town at night.  The event aims to reduce alcohol fuelled behaviour on violent crime and anti-social behaviour.

Later this afternoon I completed a home visit with another agency to provide support to a victim of domestic violence where the ex partner had recently been released from prison.  The ex partner was sending threatening messages to the victim and was causing a high level of anxiety.  This client is engaging with agencies for long term support and is committed to accessing support to provide a safe environment for herself and her children.

Throughout the day I receive and make numerous phone calls updating victims with court results and reviewing their risk and safety needs and having contact with various agencies on behalf of the victim.

The sixteen Days of Action ends on 10th December which is Human Rights Day.  We raise awareness of gender inequality throughout the year but the White Ribbon campaign enables us to raise our profile by working in partnership with other organisations and engaging men in delivering the message that they will not commit, stay silent or condone violence against women.