Stories of Hope & Survival: Day 15

Why do some women get battered into submission?
What makes a pretty face and a fist have a collision?
Is it a sign of the times, or the easy way out?
No room to talk only room to fight and shout.

Hiding in a sanctuary, like a frightened fox in a hole,
Leaving their home and work to be forced onto the dole,
Trapped, like a prisoner, in an insecure jail,
Mum and kids in one room, evading a gruesome male.

Helped by many volunteers, in every possible way,
Daily meetings held to show them the light of day,
Looking over their shoulder whilst walking to the shops,
A car backfires, someone running, their heart nearly stops.

Fighting the loneliness, quite often fighting the tears,
Hiding from her children her dreaded daily fears,
Will she find new sanctuary behind the refuge door?
Or will she give in to pressure and go back for more?

Their belief in man is shattered, with the odd exception,
Not all men are unfaithful, with violence and deception,
For some the stay is short for some the road is long
They say, women are the weaker sex, I say that’s wrong……