Forty Voices, Forty Years is Award Winning

Welsh Women’s Aid are ecstatic to announce that our Forty Voices Forty Years project scoped up the award for best Impact in Culture, Heritage and Arts last night at the USW Impact Awards 2019.

Forty Voices, Forty Years was a heritage project created by Welsh Women’s Aid in collaboration with the George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling at the University of South Wales. It showcased and celebrated the incredible stories of women across Wales who had been involved in the women’s aid movement over the past 40 years. The project toured Wales between 2018-2019.

Women’s voices are often marginalised in our national heritage and some of the stories we have collected for the project are from women who are marginalised further again. Creating a platform for these stories to be shared in such a prestigious setting as the Senedd, and other wonderful venues across Wales was an important moment for all involved in the project.

Our team greatly enjoyed the awards ceremony and would like to thank the University of South Wales and the National Museum of Wales for their recognition and award.

Speaking before the ceremony, Dr Emily Underwood-Lee of the Centre for Storytelling said that winning would “allow us to amplify these stories again and help us to get them heard in places where they can be used to educate and inform and to make real change to the lives of women and children in Wales and beyond”.  

We would like to extend a special thank you and congratulations to Tina, Angelina, Emily, Catrin, Rose and Becky for their dedication and passion in pulling this project together and to the 48 women who shared their stories with us and made such an important impact.

A video about the project can be viewed here.