Standing in Solidarity Against Racism in the VAWG Sector

When women speak out about experiences – of racism, violence, or any form of oppression – it is our responsibility within the VAWG sector to continue to live up to the social justice values we were founded on; to see, believe and support.

Welsh Women’s Aid is committed to working towards dismantling structural racism. This includes ensuring that anti-racist practices are embedded into our workplace culture as well as reflected in our standards, the work of our staff and member services. All staff members and those accessing services should be met with equity, respect and dignity. Anti-racist practice is not a box to be checked but ongoing, vital work and we will continue to collaborate internally and with partners to achieve this.

As an intersectional feminist, majority white led organisation, we must acknowledge our privilege and responsibility to reflect, listen and be active in our support of anyone marginalised by structural inequality. We aim to amplify the diverse voices and experiences of survivors, including Black and minoritised women and girls.

Ending racism is a key component of the elimination of violence against women and girls. It is vital to us as a federation that we support our staff, members and the wider VAWG sector to view this as an integral part of all of our practice. Only in doing so can we create safe spaces for all to speak out.