Welsh Women’s Aid to develop Sex and Relationship Education resources for teachers across Wales

Welsh Women’s Aid is delighted to have secured a Welsh Government contract to develop a suite of Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) resources for teachers across Wales, so that SRE can be delivered in a consistent, safe and appropriate way.

This project will be delivered in partnership with expert practitioners who were involved in the Wales SRE Expert Panel – NSPCC, Dr Tamasine Preece and Siriol Burford. The work will also be informed by the expertise and experience of specialist services working with children and young people, and the views of young people.

Eleri Butler, CEO of Welsh Women’s Aid and member of the Welsh Government’s Sex and Relationships Expert Panel, said:

“Having worked with highly skilled professionals on the national SRE Expert Group last year, we are really pleased to now have the opportunity to collaborate on developing resources for schools in line with good practice identified by the Panel, to inform the future of SRE teaching in Wales.

The resources, which will be accompanied by training to support their delivery, will be informed by specialist services and young people, and by the recent Estyn Thematic Review into healthy relationships and the Welsh Government’s Sex and Relationships expert panel report.

This project will help ensure that the design and implementation of schools’ SRE programmes are consistent across Wales, to provide children and young people with age-appropriate, safe, healthy and respectful information about sex, sexuality and relationships.”

Quote from Cabinet Secretary for Education:

“Creating an education system which helps all our young people become healthy and confident individuals is a key part of our National Mission. We can only do this by assisting teachers to gain the knowledge, confidence and skills they need to develop the physical, emotional and mental health of their pupils.

A vital part of this, is ensuring teachers have the resources they need to teach effectively. I am therefore delighted that Welsh Women’s aid has been awarded the contract to develop these resources that will provide valuable help to teachers in delivering sex and relationship education sensitively and appropriately.”