A tribute to Catherine Thomas

We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of our beloved colleague and friend, Catherine Thomas.  
We had the joy of knowing Catherine from 2017, when she joined Welsh Women’s Aid as a Children and Young People Public Affairs Officer.  
Catherine approached everything she worked on with wholehearted passion. She was ferocious in challenging inequality, and her capacity for standing up for the rights of girls to live freely and joyfully was endless.  
This was more than a job to Catherine, it was her cause, her passion, and the values that she lived by – her colleagues were consistently awed and inspired by just how evident this was. 
Her generosity and compassion for her colleagues and friends knew no limits. 
This sudden loss has sent painful shockwaves through a team who adored her. Everyone who had the privilege of working alongside her has an anecdote of her unapologetically standing up to patriarchy, being utterly hilarious, or both simultaneously.  
Catherine lit up rooms with her energy, wowed with her intellect and moved with her kindness.  

She was an unfaltering force for good and leaves an inspirational legacy with us as an organsiation and as a movement. We send our deepest sympathy and love to her family in this impossibly difficult time.  
We will never forget her; we will keep her in our hearts, and we will strive to honour her and to do her life justice.