Welsh Women’s Aid Statement following the Wenjing Lin and Sarah Everard cases.

Our thoughts are with the families of Wenjing Lin and Sarah Everard this week.

Unfortunately, we know that these cases are not one-off incidents, at least 6 other women are suspected to have been killed by male violence in Wales in the last year. We must be horrified by every one of these cases.

In the week of International Women’s Day in 2021 we should not have to still count the women killed. Governments have said they are committed to preventing violence against women and girls but we still hear from women who are not believed, not listened to or blamed for the harassment, abuse and violence they experience. There are still barriers for women to get support, protection and justice. This is exacerbated for black, minoritised or migrant women.

This week has highlighted the misogyny and racism that is still prolific across our society. Action must be taken now to create communities that challenge attitudes that allow it to persist, that show zero tolerance to harassment and abuse and hold those that perpetrate it to account.

Women and girls have a right to be safe in public, at home, at work or in education.