Welsh Women’s Aid Statement on Recent Comments Following Study of Surgeons Experiences.

We were appalled to learn of the findings of recent research into the experiences of registered surgeons in the UK that concluded that almost 63% of women had been the target of sexual harassment from colleagues.  

The response in a recent letter to The Times, from a retired anaesthetist regarding new generations of medical staff needing to toughen up and accept this behaviour is completely unacceptable.  

All workplaces, regardless of the pressures associated with the profession, should be safe, respectful spaces. There must be an end to sexual harassment in all workplaces, and the toxic culture that enables this. Change will only happen when we refuse to accept outdated attitudes towards bullying, harassment and all forms of violence and discrimination.  

We stand in solidarity with the survivors, and of all survivors of harassment, of abuse and violence.   

Stephanie Grimshaw, Head of Public Affairs and Communications at Welsh Women’s Aid says:  

“Regardless of where you are, whether that is at work, at home, at a nightclub or on public transport, no one should be sexually harassed. Sexual harassment can have life-changing consequences for survivors. Experiences of any form of violence against women or girls, domestic abuse and sexual violence should never be trivialised.” 

Welsh Women’s Aid urges all organisations to take swift and comprehensive action against all forms of violence against women to ensure that everyone can feel safe at work. 

Anyone experiencing violence against women, domestic abuse or sexual violence,  or abuse, or those concerned about somebody at risk  – support is available to you now. Live Fear Free is a confidential and independent helpline that can provide advice and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 0808 80 10 800 / text  07860077333  / email [email protected].” 

For more information, please contact Stephanie Grimshaw, Head of Public Affairs and Communications on [email protected]